3W; 2M

Love. Lies.  And Laundry.

A newlywed's marriage is put to the test by her husband's intrusive mother, their New York co-op’s strict president, and--worst of them all-- her washer/dryer. Tempers and misunderstanding flare and mayhem ensues as the couple is forced to re-evaluate their relationship and decide whether all is fair in love and real estate.  Set against the backdrop of New York City, this farce examines the nature of love and marriage and the sacrifices they take.

2W; 1M

An actor and a medical student cross paths repeatedly throughout the course of his medical training  during the medical simulations that punctuate his education.  The friendship that develops from their interactions reveals how much they have to learn from each other and questions whether compassion can be taught.I

Lyme Park: An Austonian Romance of an Indian Nature
3W; 2M

Inspired by Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey, “Lyme Park” follows the adventures of Kavita and her best friend Violet on a tour of the English countryside as Kavita tries to find her own Mr. Darcy. But where fantasy ends and reality begins is where Kavita finds herself grappling with questions of identity and the meaning of true love.



1W; 1M

A Filipino-American woman's encounter with an Indian cab driver after returning from doing typhoon relief in the Philippines helps her understand her family language.

Safe Haven
2W; 1M
** Winner of the 2014 Father Hamblin Playwriting Prize **

When a Catholic nun discovers a new resident's wife hiding in the basement of the hospital where she works, she is forced to find a way to resolve the demands of Church with the demands of her conscience.

Marrying Nandini
1W; 1M

Two Indian parents learn about love and their own marriage when they attempt to fill out their daughter’s profile on Match.com.

Rules of Engagement
1W; 1M

Nora is forced to bend her own rules when a younger co-worker asks her out.

A More Perfect Date
2W; 1M

On a blind date, a woman discovers that perhaps there is a man who understands her psyche.

Making Face Time
1W; 1M

A couple finds that technology might be getting in the way of real communication.

Everything Indian
2W; 2M

When Shree wins the “Diversity for Broadway” Fellowship, she thinks she has hit the jackpot, but the Great White Way might not be ready for something different.